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Our department aims to train students to be multidisciplined professionals, integrate some instructors, information, and equipment of each department and set up special courses as a main purpose. Every regulation and requirement of the program is different, so those who are interested in can check the link below.
Here are all the programs:


Program name 



Green Industry Program

This program will focus on cultivating our students to be multidisciplined professionals. It integrates teaching resources of Department of Physics, Chemistry and Materials, Environmental Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Enterprise Information, Electronical Engineering, Landscape Architecture, Food Science, Architecture, Industrial Design. Establishing the Green Industry Program can help students whom are interested in learn. Also, it increases the research and teaching quality of Green Industry and the ability of service industry, so it would be helpful to develop Green Industry in our country.


Entrepreneur spirit and Action Program-College of Engineering

The intentions of this program are to cultivate students' creative thinking and help them to take real actions practicing class theories. Through multiple learning, we hope we are able to integrate all the professional knowledge from each departments and achieve the goal of creativities. Entrepreneur spirit and Action Program upholds the concept of exploring knowledge, putting theories into practice and creating values in order to make connection and better influences to the world.


Big Data Non-Drgree Bachelor Program-College of Engineering

The intention of this program are to cultivate students to have the abilities of information technology, statistical mathematics and industrial application. Moreover, to be a professional manager for the industry. The instructor teaches not only statistical methods, but also, basic theory, application and the abilities below.
1. Training students to have enough knowledge in specific science field, have the ability to solve problems and divide the problem into certain hypothesis.
2. Having enough computer knowledge and the abilities to write program can analyze larger big data by using computer processing technology.
3. Being able to use non-technical language to analyze the result and let people understand the meaning of that.



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