Center of Research and Education on Carbon-Neutral Technologies

Center of Research and Education on Carbon-Neutral Technology

From the aspect of green-energy design, the center emphasizes the connection between products and environment built up by the designer. Green-energy design integrates the ideas about the observation of the environment, refection of problems, and the spirit of action into the daily life. We apply new technology to daily life based on the concept of resource and energy saving. In addition, we try to inspire new design concept and creative learning materials, promote the concept of green products, and build up the concept of environmental protection through sense experiences in order to achieve the goal of Green Education. Figure 1-5 are parts of the instruments in characteristic lab. 

Figure 1: Organization Chart of Carbon-Neutral Technology Characteristic Lab

Figure 2: Algatron illustration diagram                   Figure 3: Supercritical fluid (Co2) extraction instrument 

Figure 4 and 5: algatron tube photoreactor

         (6-liters)                                                                                                (20-liters)

This center collaborates with other universities to achieve the goal of cultivating talents in terms of productivity and energy saving. The collaborative universities include National Chiao Tung University, Hungkuang University, and National Chin-Yi University of Technology, which are supportive to energy technology researches; in addition, Providence University and National Taichung University of Education are supportive to the education of energy and environment. Our center hopes to expand mutual contacts and exchanges with other universities and integrate the characteristic labs of other universities.  

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