Industrial Automation Research Center

 Introduction of the Center:

Industrial Automation and Enterprise Collaboration Research Center does research projects entrusted by governmental and non- governmental institutions. The average of the research funds is 3-4 million per year. This project combines research groups from different colleges and departments of the university, which enhances the research capability of our school. The research projects entrusted by non- governmental institutions include “Analysis of Mechanical Industry and Service System Models”, “University and Industry Collaboration program”, “ Tunghia Digital Village Research Projects”, and “ New Energy Promotion Project”, etc.

Our college also advocates cross-department programs, which include 1. Automation Program 2. Integration of Manufacturing and Commerce Program 3. Polymer Materials Program.   

Introduction of Equipment/ Research Laboratory:

Hardware include: PowerMac G5 computer, directional microphone, PowerBook G4 laptop, IBM laptop, wireless communication device, remote signal Internet capture device, IBM computer server, personal computer, color printer, interactive entry monitor, laser printer, PDA, Viewlet Cam, e-Learning camera supplies, digital cameras, SNG Internet Mobile Studio, e-learning platform, distributed computing environmental system, signal beam projector.

Software include: Expert logical decisions software, ILOG visual developing software, ILOG problem-solving/ scheduler developing software, SigmaFlow software tools, PolyAnalyst high efficient data software.         

Introduction of Research Area:

The research center aims to do research on enterprise collaborative mechanism and related topics. In addition, it aims to build up the coordination of supply and demand and the concept proof bridge between enterprise system users and software vendors. We hope to train more specialists with information integration and enterprise collaboration skills.        



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