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Tunghai journal. College of Engineering  ISSN 2226-3144 
Key title: Dōnghǎi xuébào (Gōngxuéyuàn) Parallel title: Tunghai journal. College of Engineering
/ Tunghai Journal / College of Engineering Vol.41

1.  The development of the "Formal/Informal" spatial layout in the contemporary Taiwan architecture - A case study on the primary buildings in the colonial Taipei
     (Shih-Wei Lo,  P.1-P.22) 50_7a8ec161.gif (Language:Chinese)

2.  Reclaimin the Tsou's self-governing ability and the beautification project of Tspang Village,Allisan county
    (Hwa-San Kwan, P.23-P.42) 50_7a8ec161.gif (Language:Chinese)

3.  Urban marketing and creative destruction of speculatively urban construction - Acase study of Taichung City
     (Chi-Jeng Kuo, P.43-P.64) 50_7a8ec161.gif (Language:Chinese)

4.  A study on digitization of working drawings
    (Yeh-Chianf Huang, P.65-P.76) 50_7a8ec161.gif (Language:Chinese)

5. A study on earthquake resistance in Library Facilities - After the earthquakes in Taiwan,199
     (Ko-Li Chen, P.77-P.96) 50_7a8ec161.gif (Language:Chinese)

6.  The housing market development and the current condominiums managerial issues in Taiwan
     (Jyue-Huey Chen, P.97-P.113) 50_7a8ec161.gif (Language:Chinese)
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