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Tunghai journal. College of Engineering  ISSN 2226-3144 
Key title: Dōnghǎi xuébào (Gōngxuéyuàn) Parallel title: Tunghai journal. College of Engineering
/ Tunghai Journal / College of Engineering Vol.42

1.  Life Cycle Inventory Steel In Tawain
     (Chih-Cheng Chao,  P.1-P.12) 50_7a8ec161.gif

2.  Effect of Radiation on Oil Extended Styrene-Butadiene Block Copolymer
     (Ping-Hung Tasi and Geoffrey Hus, P.13-P.22) 50_7a8ec161.gif

3.  On The Joint Replenishment Problem under General-Integer Policy
     (Ming-Jong Yao and Frang Chuan Lee, P.23-p40) 50_7a8ec161.gif

4.  The interfacial Interaction and the rheological properties of Polyethylene-Wood flour composites
     (Jiahn-Yuarn Chen,Yeh Wang, P.41-P.48) 50_7a8ec161.gif (Language:Chinese)

5.  The electrochemical characteristics of LaF3 Solid electrolyte used in the Oxygen sensor
     (Yung-Chein Luo,Jing-Shan Do, P.49-P.56) 50_7a8ec161.gif (Language:Chinese)

6.  Dielectric properties of the acrylic acid-methacrylic acid coplymer - metal complexes
     (Jeng-Yu Tzeng,Shu-Min Chiao, P.57-P.66) 50_7a8ec161.gif (Language:Chinese)

7. The production of soybean hydrolystates by The Enzymatic Method(1) The comparison of the hydrolysis effect of using various proteases 
     (Fan-Chiang Yang,Jyh-Shyong Chern,Ming-Je Yang, P.67-P.78) 50_7a8ec161.gif (Language:Chinese)

8.  A Genetic algorithm for the two machine openshop scheduling problem with blocking
     (Chung-Wai Lai,Ming-Jong Yao,Tsueng-Yao Tseng, P.79-P.90) 50_7a8ec161.gif (Language:Chinese)

9.  Analysis on an Integrated supply chain model with one vendor and multiple buyers
     (Chuang-Cuun Chiou,Ming-Jong Yao, P.91-P.100) 50_7a8ec161.gif (Language:Chinese)

10.  The study of the influence of work environment and work postures on wrist-eyed coordination and visual fatigue
       (Tam Chan,Yi-Jung Li, P.101-P.112) 50_7a8ec161.gif (Language:Chinese)

11.Redefining the course theory and content of teaching design history
      (Chung-Hung Lin,P.113-P.121) 50_7a8ec161.gif (Language:Chinese)
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