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Tunghai journal. College of Engineering  ISSN 2226-3144 
Key title: Dōnghǎi xuébào (Gōngxuéyuàn) Parallel title: Tunghai journal. College of Engineering
/ Tunghai Journal / College of Engineering Vol.45

1.Constructing An Order Tracking Information System for Machine Tool Industry
(Chyuan Perng,Shui-Shun Lin,Jen Teng Tsai,Wei-Chun Wu,Zih-Ping Ho,P1-10)29_c515e5d2.gif (Language:Chinese)


2.The Study of the Future Trend of Car Head Light Design Progress
(Chung-Hung Lin,Chin-Pung Chang,P11-18)30_f215f5bc.gif (Language:Chinese)


3.Study on the Product Form rules of Bauhaus Style
(Chung-Hung Lin,Li-Weu Kuo,P.19-P.32)31_627e6a1e.gif (Language:Chinese)

4.A preliminary Study on the Planning,Design and Restoration Guidelines for the Aborignies’Sustainable Villages in Taiwan
(Hwa-San Kwan, P.33-P.62)32_9e7d3680.gif (Language:Chinese)


5. 幾何與程序:洛韶山莊看早期漢寶德先生的設計與論述策略
 (郭文亮, P.63-P.88)33_c8a55b81.gif (Language:Chinese)


6.Dream Bulider:The Architecture of Pao-the Han
(Chaolee Kuo,M.Arch.P.D.Ph.D, P.89-P.101)34_5d593487.gif (Language:Chinese)


7.Wed-Based Rapid Protoyping Manufacturing Process and Its Engineering Knowledge Management System
(Chung-Shing. Wang,Teng-Ruey Chung, P.103-P.116)35_fcc0f16e.gif (Language:Chinese)


8.Reversr Recognition and Processing for Chinese Calligraphy on fortune Compound Characters
(Chung-Shing Wang,Teng-Ruey Chang,Jiuan-Hung Ke, P.117-P.130)35_fcc0f16e.gif (Language:Chinese)

9.Heterogeneous CAD Data Exchange for the Collaborative Product Development in Associated Design Process
(Chung-Shing Wang,Jen-Hsiung Hsu,P.131-P.148)35_fcc0f16e.gif (Language:Chinese)

10.A Research on the Relationship Between the Riding Behavior and Information Object
(Chen Ming-Shih,Zheng Meng-Cong), P.149-P.161)35_fcc0f16e.gif (Language:Chinese)

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