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Tunghai journal. College of Engineering  ISSN 2226-3144 
Key title: Dōnghǎi xuébào (Gōngxuéyuàn) Parallel title: Tunghai journal. College of Engineering
/ Tunghai Journal / College of Engineering Vol.38

1.  A Study of The Transferability of The Integrated System of Toyota Production and Sales Management to Taiwan
     (Ren-Jye Lin, Jiun-Hsing Lu, P.1-P.21)77_aed9a8a0.gif (Language:Chinese)

2.  A Personal Selling Information System for Automobiles
     (Jen-Teng Tsai, Horng-Wen Chen, Shui-Shun Lin, Chyuan Perng, P.23-P.42)77_aed9a8a0.gif (Language:Chinese)

3.  A Computer-managed System Infrastructure for Technological Reasearch and Development Training Programs
     (Shui-Shun Lin, Reed-Joe Chang, Jen-Teng Tsai, Chyuan Perng, P.43-P.64)77_aed9a8a0.gif (Language:Chinese)

4. A Quadratic Programming Approach to Usage Modeling for Software Reliability Certification
     (Wen-Kui Chang, P.65-P.78)77_aed9a8a0.gif

5. Evaluation of a set of graphic symbols used in airport
     (Tam Chan, P.79-P.96)77_aed9a8a0.gif (Language:Chinese)

6. A Study on Basic Design Education
     (Chung-Hung Lin, P.97-P.114)77_aed9a8a0.gif (Language:Chinese)

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