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Tunghai journal. College of Engineering  ISSN 2226-3144 
Key title: Dōnghǎi xuébào (Gōngxuéyuàn) Parallel title: Tunghai journal. College of Engineering
/ Tunghai Journal / College of Engineering Vol.48

1.  Effects of Polarity and Working Memory on Users' Performance and Brain Wave Response
     (Tam Chan、Hsin-Yi Hsu,  P.1-P.12) 1_24b6630e.gif

2.  Effects of Information Display Method and Text/Background Color Combination on Operation Performance and EEG Response 
     (Tam Chan, Hsin-Yi Hsu, Yu-Cheng Hsieh,  P.13-P.26) 1_24b6630e.gif (Language:Chinese)

3.  Film-to-Video Conversion with Shot Cut Detection
     (Chi-shyan Liaw, Chung-chi Lin, Ching-tsorng Tsai,  P.27-P.36) 1_24b6630e.gif (Language:Chinese)

4.  Evaluation of biomethanation from red algae (Gracilaria) bioconversion
     (Chi-Yu Huang, Siao-Yi Wang, Ming-Jiun Chiou,   P.37-P.48) 1_24b6630e.gif (Language:Chinese)

5.  A planning method of optimal workflow for new product design and development
     (Yao-Tsung Ko,  P.49-61) 1_24b6630e.gif (Language:Chinese)
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