Poster:Post date:2018-10-03

 Tung Hai University Center of Nanoscience and Technology

 Eligibility: applicant must include doctor degree either at home or abroad of physical and material (priority for ones who has experience of radiation)

Position: assistant professor or contract researcher  

Applicant Information:

1. Personal data

2. Books of authorize

3. Transcript of bachelor, master or doctor degree  

4. A copy of diploma (bachelor, master or doctor)

5. Three recommendations sheet (advisor professor needs to have written PhD thesis) and mail it to the director of Nanoscience and Technology Center

6. NSRRC (National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center) and light diffraction equipment idea with one A4 page (to know the form and ability please contact us by e-mail)


From 1~5 please mail to human resources and specify that you are application researcher for Center of Nanoscience and Technology. For 6 please e-mail or mail to nydia41026@thu.edu.tw    

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