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194_3b51c938.gifCollege History
        The college of engineering at Tunghai University was established in 1960. It was reorganized in 2007 in accordance with the university’s development. It currently contains five departments:Chemical and Materials Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Enterprise Information, Environmental Science and Engineering, Computer Science, and Electrical Engineering. The college has a research center:Industrial Automation and Collaborative Business.

194_3b51c938.gifThe founding years of each program
Program  CME IEEI  ESE  CS  EE 
Bachelor Program 1955 1963 1981 1981  2007
Master Program 1990 1989 1992 1998  2007
Ph.D 2000 1999 2006 --  --
Executive Master Program -- 2005 -- 2000 --

194_3b51c938.gifEducational Goal
        Considering the educational goals of Tunghai University and the qualification the college wishes to instill in its students five to ten years after their graduation, the college aims to educate students with:
        1. Strong professional and logical thinking abilities.
        2. Engineering ethics and humanity education.
International perspective and innovative integration abilities.

194_3b51c938.gifCore Competence
        According to the educational goals and the qualification the college wishes to instill for its graduates, the college aims to educate students with:
       1. The Capability of integrating engineering professional knowledge and practical application. 
       2. The Capability of innovation, integration and team collaboration.
       3. The Capability of awaring current events and life-time learning.
       4. The Capability of internationalization linkage.
       5. The Capability of understanding professional ethics and undertaking social responsibility.
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